Eurotrip 2012- Cesky Krumlov Part 2

The next day was full of lovely things.

First we went to this wee cafe for breakfast and lingered there for a couple lattes until it stopped raining.

Then we went into St. Vitus for a gander.

We walked all through the town saving the castle for last. This sucker dates back to 1240. 1240! Insanity! The castle tower in particular is lovely not to mention the view of the town from the bridge.

We also went through the gardens surrounding the castle and took at look at the Castle Theater which sadly was closed as there’s very limited access anymore. We were told it’s very fragile. Apparently only 3 productions take place a year, 2 of which are open to the public.

But most importantly we took up a fair amount of time looking at the bear moat. Yes. Bear. Moat. Bears have been kept in the moat of this castle since 1707- I must say there are many bear related scenarios in Europe this one in particular was neat.

We also made sure to have a Trdelnik a delicious warm pastry super popular in this area. Highly recommended.

Then afterwards we settled in for yet another amazing, cheap, delicious meal of local cuisine and returned back to the same bar this time for cocktails before heading back up that massive hill to bed.

I hope, dream, wish, etc. that I end up in Cesky Krumlov again. It almost feels as if the caliber of tourist there is higher. People stop and take things in. I wished my mum and dad were there- I wanted to show other people this amazing place. It also feels like a secret, and I’m not entirely sure why- probably because it wasn’t inundated with people during our stay. I really hope to go back one day.

Our next stop: Vienna.



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