Eurotrip 2012- Cesky Krumlov

I love Cesky Krumlov. I love Cesky Krumlov so much that while walking the streets of Cesky Krumlov I shout “I fucking love this place.” And I do. I love it.

We got in a bit late and then we discovered that our hotel was up a big hill so it could have a beautiful view looking down on the town’s centre… but it was still up a hill. So we decided to take our time cause we knew the journey would be … perilous.

It’s so beautiful just… so, so, pretty. The whole place has a feeling. You feel Cesky Krumlov. You do.

We even got to walk past a Gypsy wedding on our way to the hotel. With singing and dancing and big poofy dresses the whole bit.

Once we put our bags down we decided to saunter back down and get some local food for tea. I had this incredible saucy beef dish with cranberries and cream and good grief it was so rich and so good. And so cheap. Did I mention that everything in Cesky Krumlov is cheap? SO GOOD.

Then we went to a local bar that was playing motown and pop tunes… Abba,… it was awesome and had a couple Budvar before heading back up the hill extremely excited for the following day.



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