Resolutions Renewed and Reflected 2012

These were my resolutions for 2012-

1- Try to read 25 books Kayla… just 25 (embarrassing)
2- Catch up on TED talks
3- Travel through Europe. All of it. Do it up. Achieved!
4- Publish another comic- you can do it lady
5- Work on my NaNo novels kinda… achieved…
6- Record some music
7- Complete my leafy project- at least the website.

So I only read about 5 books… I did watch more TED talks but I’ve not caught up, at least not to my standard. I do hope that one day I can say I’ve watched them all. Silly? Maybe.
I did do loads of traveling hooray! I didn’t draw at all… sad sad sad. I worked a bit on one of my novels to realize it’s about 4 different ideas rather than one concise story. I have not recorded any music … yet. But I’m making progress in this area. Annnd I’ve somewhat abandoned my leafy project… for the moment.

Hmmm so let’s see… for 2013 I will resolve to do the following-

1-read 52 books. I think I can do it this time. One book a week.
2-learn geetar properly.
3-record a few covers … at least 3.
4-write one song. Doesn’t have to be good. Just give it a go.
5-complete current comic project and release it at Thought Bubble- if not, TCAF 2014 but make sure that I’m happy with every. single. page.
6-work with watercolour.
7-try keeping a journal/sketchbook every day (once they arrive in the post)
8-catch up on TED talks.
9-complete a second draft to one of my writing projects. Just one.
10-pay off debt and start saving for project Haus.

That’ll do.



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