Eurotrip 2012- Dresden Day 2

Dresden Day 2 begins of course with currywurst. Delicious, delicious curry wurst. Roisin went for the hot zing curry while I went for a peanut nommy flavour. I wish it were easier to acquire this kind of thing outside of Germany. We found these treats at Curry & Co.

Then we went for a saunter around the new town, checked out some graffiti, grabbed a bubble tea from MS Bien, took some photos in the lovely 2 euro photobooth, before grabbing a photo of the Ampelfrau as opposed to the Ampelmannchen.

Then we started to make our way to the Old Town passing by the Japanese Palace and strolling through the absolutely beautiful Palaisgarten.

Dresden is especially interesting as 90% of the city center was destroyed near the end of World War II. The city was bombed 7 times between 1944 and 1945 and there are still many reminders and scars of those raids regardless of the significant reconstruction over the last few decades. Just as the farmers in Belgium reminded me that World War I still affects the lives of people today- these buildings too reminded me of this.

We checked out the Katholische Hofkirche, Theaterplatz, the Dresden Armory, Schlossplatz, Dresden Castle, Semperoper, Gemaldegalerie Alte Meister, Postplatz, Furstenzug or the Procession of Princes, and the Frauenkirche as well as the surrounding area.

I still can’t stress how much we loved this city. Dresden is incredible. I need to go back. It was indeed with heavy hearts that we made our way to Mondpalast hostel the next morning for an amazing breakfast before setting our sails for the next city and adventure.

(I forgot in my previous post to put a link to the amazing hotel/apartment that we stayed in- It’s Alte Gartnerei. So. Lovely.)


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