Eurotrip 2012- Dresden

Dresden is what ended up being one of- if not our actual- favourite city throughout the whole trip. This place is highly underrated. I hope I can spend more time in Dresden in my lifetime. I would gladly even honeymoon there, I love Germany as a whole but Dresden is so bloody charming.

I think we also lucked out by renting a full apartment on the outskirts of the city for dirt cheap. We were able to get in early in the day, go grocery shopping for a steak dinner and have a nap all before going to check out the “new town” in the evening.

The best thing about this place is the social atmosphere that we found in the evening. We literally turned a corner downtown to find loads, and I mean LOADS of young folk chilling out and having a drink with friends, chatting on the pavement. To a North American or British person this may sound like a raucous event- but as drinking doesn’t seem to be abused in quite the same way in Germany- it was a calm and inviting atmosphere. People were passing around guitars and weren’t being obnoxious. It was lovely. Had I had a better handle on the German language I would have loved to join in- but sadly I’ll have to brush up and return.

Roisin and I went over to PiNTA Cocktail Bar where we had a couple pints and chatted in their outdoor seating- the drinks were amazing and affordable. Then we ended the night sauntering over to a Shisha bar to enjoy some green apple tobacco before calling it a night.

This was easily one of my favourite evenings of the entire trip. Strange in perspective to think that it happened so early on- it really set the bar for the rest of the trip. Everything from this point on was constantly compared to Dresden.



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