Eurotrip 2012- Berlin Part 2

Our next day in Berlin started off with a saunter over to the Grenander Cafe for breakfast. Then we wanted to check out KaDeWe or Kaufhaus des Westens which is a massive shopping centre not realizing that it was Sunday. This actually happened to us a lot during our travels… we’d forget what day of the week it was and then get surprised by things being closed on a Sunday or super duper busy on a Saturday. *Grumble*- in this case, the shopping centre was most definitely closed.

So we made our way over to The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church to find out that it was closed due to reconstruction- we weren’t off to a good start… luckily the new church was open so we got one thing on our “to-see” list sorted.

Not entirely sure what to do next as it was Sunday and we had to work around some things being closed or time limits- we kinda wandered throughout the afternoon visiting Potsdamer Platz where we saw our first glimpse at remnants of the Berlin Wall– and of course I got attracted to the Canadian flags outside Kanada Haus.

It’s also here that I got to introduce Roisin to bubble tea. She’d never tried it before and as it was a pretty hot day and a cold beverage sounded like the perfect treat we shared a strawberry flavoured delight.

We also visited the Topography of Terror– although very lengthy and text heavy, it is free and entirely worthwhile, Checkpoint Charlie and it’s respective museum.

Afterwards we had some time to kill before Roisin was set to play an open mic that evening. So we had an afternoon pint at Maison Courage Berlin, and burrito from the absolutely amazing Dolores. I highly recommend that when you’re in Berlin you eat there. So bloody tasty. Then we nipped over to the pub for Roisin’s set. I’m kind of happy that no matter how much brain rattling I do I can’t remember the name of this pub as their open mic night was pretty shite and I don’t necessarily want to link them and shout at the establishment for one night that’s held on their premises. It was riddled with a clicky group of horrible comedians who were all their own biggest fans- that’s the kindest way that I could put it. As far as I could see there was only one German who did a comedy performance and it was riddled with genuinely offensive jokes. It was kind of a shame as I would have loved to see local musicians and not a cluster of English speakers congratulating themselves.
(Boo Hiss)

So we ended up back at our hotel looking forward to the fews hours we’d have left in Berlin the next morning but not necessarily feeling like we’d seen a full picture of what the city could offer.

We did get a glance at Molecule Man on the way out as well as the East Side Gallery of the Berlin Wall including the famous Kiss. Our next stop- Dresden.


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