Eurotrip 2012- Berlin

Hello again,

Finally I’ve managed to sort and upload all of my photos from my European adventures so I now have around 40 posts lined up and ready to go :D Huzzah!

In my last post we’d just left Amsterdam and were on our way to Berlin. The two of us were bloody glued to the windows as we entered the city. I kinda wanna say that it’s majestic. The buildings are huge and on first glance we both thought this was going to be our favourite city. We were so excited.

Our hotel was of course on the other side of town as we were dropped off in Alexanderplatz- so we hopped into a cab and had a scenic tour before finding ourselves at Winters Hotel Berlin. That evening we just had a wee pint before heading to bed.

The next morning we embarked on an epic 10km walk takin’ a peek at all the things Berlin had to offer. This included; Grosser Stern, Grosser Tiergarten, The Brandenburg Gate, Pariser Platz, The Reichstag Building, The Memorial to Homosexuals Persecuted Under Nazism, The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, Museum Island, Neue Wache with the amazing statue “Mother with Dead Son” inside, The Berlin Cathedral, Alexanderplatz, The Fernsehturm Berlin, and the very underwhelming DDR Museum.

I have to admit that after visiting so many beautifully curated museums in Amsterdam we were left feeling a little jilted by our museum experience in Berlin. The city itself has such an interesting history but the museums we went into were littered with loads of text and packed with people- the DDR Museum in specific was jarring as you didn’t even know which way to go. We had thought for sure we’d be entirely enamoured with the place by the end of our first day … but I kind of felt let down as my expectations had been so high.

(We were also a bit gutted because it rained … and rained… and raaaaiiinnned… and we had no umbrella :( )


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