Eurotrip 2012- Amsterdam

We got into Amsterdam in the evening and just ordered a pizza from our hotel and chilled out. The place was okay- a bit off the beaten path, but cozy.They did that thing where they use sheets instead of fitted sheets… for some reason this bothers me. I inevitably end up pulling the whole thing off the mattress then spending the next few days trying to make it work. *grumble*

Roisin had researched local cafes for me as I’m a bit of a cafe-nut- and discovered Bagels & Beans. I would highly recommend this place to anyone. They’re a local chain, they make the loveliest coffees and their bagels are some of the best food we’ve eaten throughout this entire first month of our trip.

We decided to do some museums heading to the Diamond Museum- using our ‘I Am Amsterdam” cards for free public transportation, museums and discounts. We also went to the Van Gogh museum… which was okay… but the definite highlight was the House of Bols – an interactive Bols experience which included 2 shots of liqueur and a cocktail at the end of the tour. Such an awesome museum. I noticed while we were there that Bols were the creators of a bottle that had a music box inside with a dancing ballerina. My grandmother had given me this bottle when I was a kid as I danced ballet and I’d used it as a doorstop for many years. It was strange to see it again- brought back some memories. Afterwards we went on a boat tour through the canals and sauntered around the city- grabbed a sandwich then headed to a coffee shop.

Amsterdam is lovely but I have to say their city center is riddled with tourists- and yes, I am also a tourist, but I’d like to think I don’t disturb the regular flow of things too much…


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