Eurotrip 2012- Bruges


It’s been kind of tricky to get reliable wifi anywhere so I’ve ended up with a massive backlog of posts- I’m gonna try and catch up now :)

We left Paris at 8am the next morning (with our guide Dwayne) for Bruges. Along the way we decided to sign on for Quasimodo’s Flander’s Fields Tour to take advantage of a massive history lesson in the heart of the battlefields of WWI and with the opportunity to see Vimy Ridge. The ride was smooth but just as we reached the drop-off point (around 1pm) a fellow traveler informed me that the trip that I’d bought did not include Vimy Ridge as the guide had told me… kinda left me feeling like I’d started off this whole thing on the wrong foot- but the beaty of Bruges itself removed the grumblies that were brewing.

Our hotel Campanile, although a bit out of the way- was *so* lovely- kind of felt like having your own wee cabin. It also allowed us a decent jaunt into town giving us a better perspective of what daily life must entail for the average Bruges-dweller.

I loved the architecture of the homes surrounding us- they all had these electric metal shudders that came down over the windows- ensuring a deep sleep.

That first night we got a bus into town and then had some fries in the center square as french fries are a Belgian creation we were told. (They were delicious.) Then we just walked around to check out all of the little shops and buildings- grabbed a pint and then walked back after enjoying some gelato. Their beer is superior.


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One Response to “Eurotrip 2012- Bruges”

  1. Irene's Vienna Says:

    Oh, I really like Bruges but other parts of Belgium too, like Blankenberge, Antwerp and especially Leuven. Thanks for your report it brought back memories when I visited these places ;)

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