Eurotrip 2012- Bruges Day 4

This was our final day in Bruges :(

The first thing we did was head to the Church of Our Lady to see Michealangelo’s Madonna & Child.

We sauntered around a few more churches and other areas before heading to The Basilica of the Holy Blood where they – of course- have a relic of the Holy Blood. It’s really ornate- I didn’t really expect it to be that snazzy based on the outside. This seems to be a theme. The loveliest things seem to come in the ugliest packages. Yes. I’m sticking by that.

That evening we went out for “fancy” dinner- mussels for Roisin and beef stew for me- we followed this up by going to The Pub for a “Lucifer” which proved to be a potent and dangerous beer leading to a photofest.


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One Response to “Eurotrip 2012- Bruges Day 4”

  1. Michael Batchelor Says:

    Thinkign about visiting Bruges soon and your photos are really selling it to me!

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