Eurotrip 2012- Bruges Day 2

The next day we decided to explore some of the things we’d found on our evening stroll- we’d just gone into our first church when Roisin and I began eavesdropping on this tour guide outside- It ended up his name was Thijs and he was doing a free walking tour that’d just started so we joined in. This was easily one of the highlights of Bruges as Thijs is an absolute legend.

He showed us the shortest bridge in Bruges and the smallest window- took us to the first gazebo and chatted about which sights were worth our time and energy- and which weren’t. He also directed us to some cheap places to eat, told us about the best chocolate to acquire and the best waffles. Legend.

We called it an early night and went home for a nap in the evening- emerging late at night to walk to a local pita shop run by the loveliest people ever. We couldn’t speak their language and they couldn’t speak ours but in the end it all resulted in one of the nicest sandwiches a girl could eat. Nom.


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