Eurotrip 2012- Paris

We had to wake up silly early in order to get to Victoria station in time for our megabus- we had morning rush hour traffic against us- but luckily it all went well and we arrived with loads of time to spare.

I was kinda excited about seeing the White Cliffs of Dover due to the song and such. They were quite impressive.

On the way to Paris we did get to see Boulogne and other picturesque towns and cities along the way. Not a bad drive I’d say.

When we arrived in Paris we grabbed a cab to our hotel – Hotel Richard- and I must say I’d probably not recommend him to anyone… The receptionist had no time for us, some of the toilets lacked toilet seats and they’d been so kind to give us the top floor which we had to climb up to with our massive backpacks. (Hooray?) Our sink was full of fur from some laddie who’d clearly shaved … not my favourite. But it was really close to this lovely Italian cafe that was open late, served gelatto and had wifi. So we sat outside and checked out email with some cafe au laits.

We’d both been to Paris before so this was a very brief stop- we’ll be heading back here mid-way through our trip and it’s also where we end the whole thing.

I did manage to eat delicious cheese, pate and devour a baguette though with Roisin that evening and acquire some Paprika pringles before we hit Belgium. Success!



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