Eurotrip 2012 – London


Long time no blog.

Here’s the quickest update in life- spent the last 8 months or so as a supervisor in an Edinburgh cafe in the grassmarket called Hula (I loved this job it was fantastique.), 6 months ago I met a lady called Roisin and I am so in love. She is the most incredible person, she fills my days with laughter- *sawoon*. The two of us embarked on a 3-4 month European excursion last week and I will be attempting to document the whole thing. So this is entry number 1. Enjoy.

So from Edinburgh we took the 9 hour megabus ride to London in order to spend a few days with Roisin’s BFF Kieran and to do a wee bit of exploring somewhere familiar before we left on our adventure. We got into town quite late and Kieran was at band practice. (He is the bass player for Jakil) So Roisin and I decided to get the highly recommended “Mega Man Meal” from Chester’s Chicken in Tottenham. It was delightful, in a cardboard kind of way. That night we just stayed up with the boys and chatted. Fun times indeed.

The following day we slept in- as you do- then headed in to town. I showed Roisin Green Park and Buckingham Palace as the Canadian War Memorial makes me all patriotic and such. To giggle at her Canadian themed tour feel free to check out her blog entry here. Then we grabbed an ice cream and got lost in St. James’ Park before heading to Neal St. to purchase some hip new Dr. Martens for me as we decided that they may be the only shoe that I won’t be capable of destroying… I have a knack for absolutely tearing apart shoes. Then we met my pal Kate and her friend Kat at Punch and Judy’s in Covent Garden for a pint. I hadn’t seen Kate in ages and it was so, so, so nice to catch up with her and meet her lovely pal.

Lucky for us, Kieran also works in Convent Garden- so we met him afterwards, quickly jaunted over to Gosh Comics so I could say hello to my pal Julia then enjoyed a delicious meal at The Breakfast Club in Soho. Kieran had to scooch off to band practice so Roisin and I went to meet her friend Karrie- we had a load of shenanigans attempting to meet up but it finally all came together. Although we were all knackered she was such lovely company and it was really nice to meet yet another hip lassie. Again that night we headed home and chatted with the Jakil boys til the wee hours as they are fantastique.

The next day we slept in- again- then went back to The Breakfast Club for massive and delicious breakfasts (as one would at this aptly named establishment). Then as this meal conquered us we went back to Tottenham for a nap before Roisin surprised me with VIP tickets to see Lianne La Havas and Erykah Badu at the Hammersmith Apollo. ZING! I was so stoked for this as tickets to see Badu are normally quite dear and Lianne La Havas is an absolute legend. The show was incredible and even more incredible was out luck running into Lianne on our way out and her being so bloody kind signing our tickets for us and giving kisses and cuddles. Such a gem! Please check her out it’ll change your life.

That night we just chilled again with the boys before heading to bed knowing that the following day we’d have yet another 9 hour bus journey- this time heading to Paris.



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