Róisín and Kayla go to the Zoo

My housemate Kharris works at the Edinburgh Zoo and was kind enough to acquire some tickets for Róisín and I in early March. The only other zoo I’d ever been to was the Toronto one and I’d gone ages ago- the appeal of seeing the uber advertised pandas was clearly too much for me and I had to give in.

Lucky for us the weather was fantastique-

Roisin treated me to a squashed penny souvenir- panda panda panda


I kinda feel like I have a weird thing for them as my teddy (yeah… my teddy… don’t act like you don’t have a favourite teddy) is a panda.

This statue is clearly not an act of god but rather, a freak of nature. Thus- he is my favourite. (Why would you blend a coo with a penguin? Especially when there are no coos at the zoo?)

Boar with face paint!

Monkeys are always the best/most exciting thing at the zoo. So we chilled in their house.

This guy was kinda creepy

And this one was havin’ a wank in plain site. Which of course I took about 12 pictures of. I am the classiest. Really, I am.

I claimed to be some form of animal whisperer which is a load of shite but I did manage to lure this bad boy out of the bushes. Deer rodents for the win! (And no, I will not be giving any of the proper animals names during this entry.)

Ok I know this one- tapirs! TAPIRS! Wee tapir!

This rhino was sunbathing. As you do.

The only thing as neat as monkeys at the zoo are the penguins and this zoo has all the penguins. Ones in fancy suits…

And with fancy hair…

Or lacking fancy hair- I think he was Róisín’s favourite. He must get ridiculed by his bros.

Baby penguins … eee!

Dogs of the wild variety-

Flamingos! I don’t think I’d ever seen one before.

Yawny leopard

Now this… this is Róisín’s attempt at recreating the moment when my camera went flying out of my pocket while we were on the tram-like vehicle and I had to ask the driver to stop a couple minutes up the road causing us to disembark sheepishly and walk all the way down the hill to retrieve it in the bushes only to find out that someone had handed it in to lost and found. An adventure really.
…she was raging… :D

View from the top (once we finally made it to the zebras)

This bear is a total stud posin’ for a photo and all that-

Best monkey at the zoo? I think yes, this wee fella and I bonded.

Most frightening thing at the zoo…

More adventures to come surely.



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