Resolutions Renewed and Reflected 2011

These were my resolutions for 2011- or better yet- a list of the things I didn’t really do….

1- Read at least 30 books- Ha… no…
2- Read all of the comics I own and have not read yet- again… no
3- Finish Galavant- I DID THIS! YES!
4- Record some music- nope nope nope
5- Start a new comic project for release at Thought Bubble- noooope
6- Travel somewhere new- I did do this. I did. HOORAY.
7- Try out yoga… or some form of fitness related activity- I did this too.
8- Do something with my NaNo novels- they feel neglected- they remain neglected.

So now it’s time to create a new list. *puke*

1- Try to read 25 books Kayla… just 25 (embarrassing)
2- Catch up on TED talks
3- Travel through Europe. All of it. Do it up.
4- Publish another comic- you can do it lady
5- Work on my NaNo novels
6- Record some music
7- Complete my leafy project- at least the website.

Again- this year I’m trying to be reasonable. But yeah… we’ll see how this goes…



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