Gettin’ to know Edinburgh…

I’ve been wanting to do some form of update post about my transition to a new country and city. But it all kinda turned into a photo fest- should I apologize?

Just don’t entirely know what to say as I’m still adjusting. I just know some things for certain:
-I like my job. I really do. I work somewhere that is willing to invest in me regardless of there being a limited amount of time I can devote to them. I get along with the staff, I dig the location, I dig the locals and the regular folk who come in. It’s good.
-I’m meeting new people all of the time and I feel like I’m actually establishing some good chum situations. I’m going out Ceilidh dancing, whiskey drinking and tune singin’- I’m exploring (what feels like) constantly.
-I’m cooking and baking. It does help to have people to share these delicious things with – The Chris and Kayla cooking sessions have definitely resulted in some of the more epic food adventures. (Photos below) And my newly acquired friend Marie and I will likely cook some veggie noms in the near future. But it’s so nice to have the time to do these things.
-I’m gettin’ creative- I’m writing, I’m drawin’, I’m singin’… hopefully a bit more of that now that I’m more settled in.
-I chat – well text, my BFF Arthur every day. I like this. He’s knitted into the fabric of my day.

It’s good. Yeah?

I have to admit that pretty much 90% of the “life improvements” I’ve found are a direct result of the shift in employment. I get knackered sure- but … a different kind of knackered…

I’ve been trying to get used to single life- which has come with a somewhat shocking amount of goo. Sticky stuff.
I’ve also been over-thinking everything, all of the time. But I don’t mind the lows. I really don’t. Some nights I like guiltlessly drowning in self pity to wake up the next morning refreshed. It’s good to feel every part of life. (Even if at the time I don’t have the perspective to recognize its’ benefits-)

But the last few days have allowed me to feel like I’m emerging from something- so I guess I’ve made progress. No longer adjusting I bet- just living. And I’m down with that.

Anyway- PHOTOS!

In October I started making my trips to Edinburgh to get sorted- when I went to pass out CVs I took note of this dude’s socks in Preston. Ace.

Elephant House breakfast-

I ended up in The Last Drop to eat and have a celebratory pint for my hard work and the power went out. I think it only added to the atmosphere. Candlelight is always enjoyable.

The next trip I made was to do some job interviews. I found myself right back in the Grassmarket where the Last Drop is located. I took these while waiting to head in to Hula for my interview/work trial.

And then I lucked out by getting an appointment to see some flats… so I decided to walk out to Corstophine to check out what my potential new hood would be like – and see the proximity to downtown etc.
The sun looked perfect as it set by Donaldson’s College.

Impressive cakes.

On the way to the train station home I appreciated the Christmas decor.
Mmm Christmas.

And then I began the hardest part physically and emotionally… packing. oi.
These suckers come with me everywhere.

I made my move really hectic and crazy- not giving myself a single day off between my old and new job… lesson learned on that one. I’m not a bloody magician.
I was lucky enough to have Scott and Anna over on my second night. I lacked in all departments though. I had no sheets or towels to offer them so we ended up sleeping the three of us on two pillow case-less Argos pillows with a cover-less duvet. It was all good though- I gave them t-shirts to shower with and we giggled our way through the evening.

Then I began to explore my neighbourhood. I love this. LOVE.

I got a little too pumped about buying Scotch tape in Scotland…


Finally thanks to the 24 hour Tesco I acquired some sheets. Sweet sweet cuddly cocoon making sheets.

I get to check out this view of the castle every single day on my way to work. Just… gaaahhh

A week later I got to have another friendly adventure when Cameron Stewart came to town. We sauntered up to the castle where I took this shot-

Then I told him about the mysterious book sculptures that’d appeared around the city so we went on a hunt.

Then I took him to Black Medicine – a hip cafe, where I fell in love with this chair. So low… with such a high back.

And he introduced me to Spoon where I discovered I could linger until Midnight on some evenings.

Then the Christmas markets came to town- not as good as Manchester but the Orkney burger takes the bloody cake.

This is the horrific photo that graces my bus pass. I look cross-eyed and frightened. She didn’t give me any warning :(

So much exploring.

I’m one for sweet things but this bad boy was almost too much.

Chris turned 32 thus I baked him a chocolate cake- Hillier family tradition. All birthdays mean epic chocolate cakes folks.

Stirfry cooking excursion 1.

My work’s Christmas party went out for the most delicious curry nummers. SO GOOD.

Cooking excursion 2- stew. NOM. I really need to make this bad boy again. The leftovers aged epicly.

Necessary apple strudel consumed from the markets.

Also necessary puddle splashing.

I was pressed for time when it came to Christmas baking… so this happened on boxing day around 1am. Deeeelicious.

Cooking excursion 3- the most bloody holy crap delicious lasagna. Between this sucker and the stew was another stirfry… but this lasagna… ohhh man… so good. Gonna make it again Thursday actually.

I miss this beast. I actually miss it.

I wasn’t really involved in this creation. I chopped the spinach. Foooooood. Delicious foooooood.

Marie and I testing out the mains at Under the Stairs. Really dig that place. Just wish they had wifi so I could do some work… could draw there I suppose.
This is their Supreme Chicken.

And these are their ridiculous alcoholic hot beverages.

Marie and I had an evening of Ceilidh dancing- beforehand we went for a pint and I was stoked about these melty fireplace candles…

These two were taken by the actual Ceilidh club. We’re gonna try to go every week. SO much fun!

Been eatin’ mah porridge every morning too. Particularly enjoyed the blue tights and blueberry colour co-ordination.

More spinach and egg deliciousness

Exploring Leith… was nice to get close to the water…

Boda- brilliant little pub. Definitely think I will frequent here often.

Best veggie sausages I’ve ever tasted from the Fiddler’s Arms. Really, really good stuff.

Acquiring the best seat at Under the Stairs with Marie.

Many adventures to come. Loads more exploring to do- I haven’t even taken a bite of this area. There is so much to see and do.



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