New Years- Hogmanay Torch Procession

To the untrained eye this may look like my New Years photos. But no, no, this is merely the Torch Procession on December 30th that opens Hogmanay the very awesome New Years celebration in Edinburgh.

I was worried that I was going to miss out on the beginning because I was finishing work at the exact time the procession starts- but I assure you- it’s very hard to miss…

I went with Marie and Mark who I’d met on the Christmas tour and I think pretty much immediately we’d decided this was a pretty hip place to be.

We sauntered our way through all the flames taking photos- all the way up to the top of Calton Hill in order to see things lit on fire and the AWESOME. And I mean AWEEEESOME fireworks.

This YouTube video does have the fireworks… the sound quality is obviously quite piss… but you’ll get the idea.

Year of Creative Scotland…

Now see, I really wanted to go to Up Helly Aa in Shetland later this month but because I’m a total noob I didn’t listen when I was told to get my bloody ticket and fast… so my trip sold out.
But! The Shetland viking dudes were hanging around to light all the things on fire and be awesome!!! (I’m sure these are all the technical terms) SO HOORAY!!!! It’s like I got a small taste… a smaaaalll smmmackeral of Up Helly Aa. Yes? YES!

If I’ve learned anything about my time in the UK… between Glastonbury, Bonfire Nights and this bad boy these suckers like to light things on fire.

Happy New Year folks-

This is Marie and I during the procession- taken by Mark.

How I really spent New Years was cooking and eating a delicious stir fry and chatting over a bottle of wine with Chris as I had to work New Years Eve and Day. Very different events but both very hip.

Hello, 2012.



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