Manchestah visit-

In November I made a really random trip to Manchester to pick up some of my left over possessions as well as to visit with friends. I must admit I miss the delicious cafes. Manchester has great cupcakes and cafes. Ohhhhh yes.

Scott is a part of what I like to call my “holy trinity of friendship”- one of my favourite people on this planet. And this is Beau his roommates Rosie and Danni’s puppy. He is the most beautiful dog.

So cute!

The veggie cafe by the university has the most delicious bakewells… good grief.. nom nom

Some absolute knobhead splashed me as I was walking down Oxford road. We are never going to be friends. He is in the douche nozzle pile immediately.

I have to admit as beautiful as Edinburgh was at Christmastime… Manchester has superior markets. I do think so- the only exception being the Orkney burger stall which was the most delicious. Hoo-ray for Orkney.

Adam and I went out for dinner in the evening and chatted while sharing a delicious venison Christmas dinner type thing at the Banyan. I had my first mulled wine of the year as well… actually the only one to date.

I was also able to stop by Pat Val and say hello- While I have a strange relationship with Manchester I definitely miss the lovely folk that I’ve met there.

But I do believe that the move to Scotland was the right thing to do. Oh yes- but more on that later.



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