Hanson @ The HMV Picture House- November 25th

This may seem amusing to some but I’m a big time Hanson fan- have been since I was a tween thus when they came to Edinburgh in November I got myself a ticket.

This was my third Hanson concert- the first I forgot my camera, the second… I forgot my camera… the third… I fahhhking forgot my camera. *sob*. I was able to take some videos and a few mediocre photos with my phone… but yeah- we’ll try to remember this for next time yes? Yes.

The best part about this gig was the fact that they’d never ever played Edinburgh before so they played all of the songs. All of them. There wasn’t a tune that I wanted to hear that they didn’t play. Not to mention um… I got to shake Taylor Hanson’s hand after the show. I touched him dudes. TAYLOR. HANSON. (The 14 year old Kayla fainted over this and possibly died.)

Moving along- my mediocre photos:

Hoooray for Tay!

Another really hip thing about this gig was the fact that Meiko was opening. I have dug her tunes for AGES but she tours very rarely- at least at this point that was the case for the cities I’ve lived in. So for her to be opening and for that to be a surprise it indeed felt as if Christmas had come early. She is AHMAZING.

Little clip of “Boys with Girlfriends”-

I took a few decent videos- This is Zac singing “Use Me Up”

Taylor singing “With You In Your Dreams”… *sob*

And a clip from them singing “Madeline”

They are so good live. I am stoked for a future concert where I finally remember my camera…



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