Good-bye Manchester…

I gotta do a bit of catch up here before I can play with new years resolutions, reflections and such- so let’s go back in time.

Before I left Manchester in November, I was lucky enough to go out for a few drinks with some of the staff of Pat Val (Patisserie Valerie) after my final shift. The photos make me giggle a bit yes.

That’s Ben, Stef’s friend and Stef-

Michael who is the bee’s knees.

I’m assuming this is his “come hither” face… I’m sure it works on his lovely lady.

Saucy ladies Jazzy Jizzle and my Team Awesome partner Sharlet

Sharlet, Anis, and Ben

My post-work drinking budday. ;)

This here, is my sexy face

Lovely ladies

I couldn’t possibly love this photo more. Mr. Anis and Mr. Bogdan – or as I call him Boggy Boges- Note: When Anis smiles his eyes disappear and he giggles like that dude from Billy Madison.

Jazz’s face here is kinda priceless and makes me wish I could remember what Michael was saying at this point…



Jazz took this photo. It’s how Team Awesome says good bye.

I miss these suckers. A lot. I do do do. Work can’t be bad when you have work mates likes these lot.



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