Halloween 2011 :D (with Deb + Katy Perry)

I was really lucky to have a visit from Deb last week. (Deb of course was one of my trip mates from the Haggis tour that I did- she’s also my Australian wife) I got to spend 3 magical days with her :D Fantastique!

On Thursday we had a bit of a Halloween adventure in the evening.

Here we are riding the bus home from West Didsbury after acquiring some Halloween cupcakes at Dishy Spoon- sitting in the best bus seats.

Deb helped me decorate :D

Then we had a pumpkin massacre… y’know… a carving.

Deb hadn’t done this before, she looks like a pro

Wielding a knife

Stabby stab!

Face accomplished

The eyebrows make it I think…

Then we consumed these cupcakes and felt ill due to all the cake-age.

And of course I toasted the pumpkin seeds- fresh outta the oven!

Another Halloween treat: coffee crisps that I received in the mail yesterday from Christopher Butcher and the Beguiling crew. SO BLOODY EXCITED. I’ve eaten two in the last 24 hours. I must now try to savour them.

How I truly spent Halloween was with Katy Perry viewing her spectacular California Dreams tour. You may scoff at the Perry. But she’s the bee’s knees.

I had wanted to go and left it so late that the show sold out. On Sunday night my work make Leanne posted on Facebook asking for tickets and I thought on a whim I’d ask on Twitter and if I got two we’d go together. Low and behold I got offered some tickets at face value standing. Joy of joys!

So we showed up at 6:30 and somehow ended up silly close. That my friends, is loads of luck.

The opener was Oh Land who I’d listened to over the summer a bit. Pretty spiffy tunes.

That drummer was epic by the way. Absolutely amazing.

Then we had a partay with DJ Skeet Skeet. Such a wise idea to get a DJ to pump up a crowd before a show.

Then my camera started to die :( *sob* but I did manage to get a few good photos during the first few Katy tunes.

One of my fave photos- talented lady

Silly pose cheeky grin

I have to admit that I wasn’t sure what to expect from her vocals cause some people give her slack- but she was fantastic live. I will likely go see her whenever she’s in town.

Costume fiesta!

Really wish I coulda taken photos of all the costumes

Pretty lady too

This one is easily my favourtie shot.

Stolen from Leanne- stellar acrobatic-ish stuff

Then after the encore of California Girls she blasted us all with a foamy soap type substance then proceeded to cover us with candy confetti. Leanne and I were both soaked yet amused. It was like getting caught in the rain when at first you’re kinda like… aww caaahhm maaahnnn. Then you just embrace it.

So in summary Halloween 2011 was amazing. Really, really fun stuff. Full of lovely ladies, delicious cupcakes and candy.



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