iPhone Photo Dump

I plugged in my iPhone recently in order to update that bad boy and of course this allowed me to grab all the photos I’d taken. I thought I’d do a wee post of some of my favourites. They’re in chronological order from … June-ish until now.

One of my Manchester favourites- Southern Cemetery

I have a feeling with a bit of snow it’d be quite lovely…

Ivy goodness

Yes, I am that big of a nerd that I took a photo of this due to “Snape”.

Best trees? Yes.

I normally walk through there on my way to Dishy Spoon

It looked a bit like rain…

Some of the “cholera pit” roses…

Nothing says “Happy Canada Day” like Krang.

More delicious Dishy Spooness. This time afternoon tea.

Adam decided to draw me in my jogging gear with all my future Harry Potter tattoos. My personal fave is Dumbledore between my breasts.

My friend Emma works at Yelp and organized a champagne tasting- I now consider myself a connoisseur.

I spotted these guys one day on my walk home comin’ out of the Sainsbury. They’d just bought dental floss.
(By the way I initially wrote floos… hehe… FLOOS!)

A typical Kayla day off in photo form… soy chai tea latte + cupcake

Necessary photo of delicious thing- Adam’s average chili pizza

Clearly I have a cupcake fixation. This time I’m at Hey Little Cupcake NOM

That’s the Peach Melba cupcake

This is the morning after Marc came to stay with us. The boys all tuckered out.

One day after work I looked “dead grumpy” so Adam drew it.

In contrast to how bloody happy I was with my banana raincoat.

Readin’ and enjoyin’ a Harry Potter related beverage in Edinburgh at the Elephant House.

Scotland trip goodies

I feel like this is one of the only photos from my entire trip that actually demonstrates the jaw-dropping beauty of some of the scenery I was privileged enough to see.

These were some glorious finds in a toy store in Edinburgh

For real.

And then I mourned… mourned mourned mourned…. Deee Esss Ellllll DSL

This company actually does exist and yes, there is more than one of these bad boys that boast the “best hand job in the north”



There we have it.



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