Alton Towers + Birthday shenanigans + Family visit…

A couple days after I got back from my Scotland adventure Adam asked if I’d like to go with our friends Rick and Cat to Alton Towers which is of course the UK’s largest theme park. As I’ve only ever been to Cedar Point I thought it was necessary that I go- not to mention I friggen love rollercoasters.

It was fantastique- I bloody loved Air (it’s like being superman for about 2 minutes) and Th13teen annnd Rita- so many good rollercoasters. Not to mention at the end of the day we went on Runaway Mine Train and the guy let us go around 3 times and we became best friends with our train mates.

But the thing that was most interesting to me were the grounds. They were so pretty! And the castle!- just hangin’ out in the middle of a theme park. Cedar Point is very much a commercial affair there’s no way you’d find things like the below- I took so many photos…

We also got lost in the gardens… which apparently is super hard to avoid as they are confusing and huge.

Funky tree-

This sucker was so cool-

I mean come ahhhnn, you would never be able to tell that I’m hanging out in a theme park…

Loved this- yes, yes I did.

This is around the spot where we finally figured out which way to go…


On the way out I saw this piratey bit and I was kinda sad we didn’t have time to explore. Could have been interesting.
Hopefully I’ll make another trip out there at some point-

Then of course October 1st went by marking my 27th birthday. TWENTY-SEVEN. Inside I still feel like I’m about… hmm… 16? 17? When I see people my age getting married and doing the family thing I have a distinct feeling in my guts that I’m still too little or too much of a kid to have my own kids. That and the whole childbirth thing… makes me feel wonky.

Perhaps I lack maturity?

This cake was something I started at about ohhh 11:30pm … it took me ’til about 2am to decide to abort and just shove it into the fridge overnight and deal with it when I woke up. All things considered it was quite tasty and not so bad on the eyes either.

And of course I ate that cake while opening presents and watching Home Alone with Adam before running off to the airport to collect my familia.

But it was indeed a long day which resulted in this face plant. I came home in the afternoon for a bit of a siesta before dinner- to give my folks some time to collect themselves after their sleepless flight- I turned on Home Alone again and conked out.

My parents! In the UK! Myyyyy parents. :D *smug*

While they were around we ate some of the most delicious food.

This was smoked haddock with mustard sauce, cheese and pea & spinach risotto and on top there are poached eggs from a tiny bird… quail maybe?

Then I followed that bitch up with vanilla and mascarpone pannacotta with chilled poached pear and strawberry crumble *drool drool drool*

Salmon teriyaki from another night…

I felt it was necessary that we embark on a family trip… or pilgrimage really, to Liverpool to embark on the Magical Mystery Tour. I’d done this sucker with Adam in early 2010 so it was kinda neat to come back-

Last time we could only take photos of the gate from the bus as it was chucking it down- nice to get a closer look.

I wonder how many diseases I acquired through kissing this statue. But how cute are we!?

On my *tears up* final day with my family I took ’em to Teacup in the Norther Quarter. My sister got to have her final clotted cream scone and I had this strawberry and cream nummer while we sipped on their delicious teas.

Then we hung out in their hotel room. Like a rock band.

We rock out.

2 K Hilliers

Getting sloshed! Or… y’know… just enjoying a meal…
(Or a nifty add for Vedett beer?)

I was going to post the series of photos I’d taken of Kate taking the first bite of her burger but I don’t think she’d be hip to that- so a sneaky drinky photo instead.

My papi reading his beer label- it’s likely he did this with his best British accent.

And then this is when my sister licked my nostril.

Afterwards Adam tucked us all in on the couch to watch The Trip while eating Magnums. He took these lovely photos of my dad trying to steal a bite of mine- (which of course was the Mint Magnum if you were wondering)

To avoid theft I had to eat the whole thing in one bite and get the worst brain freeze. Classy.

And then they went away :( … back to Canada… and I went back to work … *sigh* :(



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  1. ADC Says:

    that foooood all looks amazing!

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