Scotland Adventure Day 12- Edinburgh: Arthur’s Seat, St. Anthony’s Chapel, Royal Mile, Mysterious Paper Sculptures, Scottish Museum, Calton Hill

Adam came up to Edinburgh for the weekend and he and I stayed with our friends Ed and Mary- who were really kind to loan us their spare room.
(Not to mention they allowed me to start my morning with Nutella and follow it up by throwing on some Frightened Rabbit zing!)

Ed had the whole day off in order to do the tourist thing (Adam had never been to the city before) – and I had some “unfinished business” if you will: I needed to climb Arthur’s Seat. Needed to.

I’d wanted to climb it in 2010- but figured y’know… January wasn’t really the right time to do it heh…

You can see the Salisbury Crags on the left there-


‘Tis steep, ’tis rockeh

SO worth it- and we couldn’t have asked for a lovelier morning.

The top!

The view is incredible- if time would have allowed it I could have lingered there for hours.

Calton Hill-

What remains of St. Anthony’s Chapel- built around the early half of the 15th Century.

One of the things that Adam really wanted to check out in the city were the Mysterious Paper Sculptures that have been appearing in libraries and artsy spaces around Edinburgh. This one belongs to the Poetry Library.

Such delicate sculptures- really impressive….

The Royal Mile…

This one is in the Scottish Storytelling Centre-

Hangin’ with Hume- empiricism for the win!

I’d taken photos of the elephants around the city but this shiny toucan is my favorite due to sheer reflecting ability-

Candlemaker’s Row *sawwoooon*

We of course went to the newly renovated Scotland Museum where we were introduced to The Millennium Clock Tower.

Impressively creepy-

I have a thing for large bones. Yes… I did just write that. But honestly- large skeletons are impressive.

This room is kinda amazing- all of the animals.

It even includes a flying hippo-

The clock again- we watched it do its’ thing.

Dinosaurs are kinda the best.

Went back onto the roof of the museum- had a bit of a moment here in 2010- was interesting to come back just as I was having some new epiphanies.


Ed pointed out this cannonball to us- I’d never noticed it before embedded into the side of this building.

Looking down from the castle into new town.

Lion rampant – roar!

Scottish Memorial- one day I will climb to the top…

Love this sucker on the way up to Calton Hill-

Edinburgh from the top of Calton Hill

The National Monument- last time I saw this guy it was very dark while I was wandering- quite the difference in the sunlight.

Chris had mentioned on the Haggis tour that there was a statue in Edinburgh somewhere of a woman and a lion making sweet love and I made a point to find it- but the closest I got was this sucker:

Not entirely certain what’s goin’ on here…

Necessary haggis eating happened at The Last Drop-

Whiskey sauce is necessary

After a pint we sauntered back to Ed and Mary’s- I could walk through these streets for ages… *sigh*



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  1. "Our traveling without moving!..." Says:

    Great photos!

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