Scotland Adventure Day 11- Kyleakin, Caisteal Maol, Skye Bridge, Eilean Donan Castle, Five Sisters of Kintail, Loch Garry, Spean Bridge, Glencoe, Green Welly Stop, Hamish-Heather-Honey, Wallace Monument

Started the morning quite hungover but prepared with painkillers, loads of orange juice and water. Later I discovered that a cheese bun would be the ultimate remedy.

Deb and I wandered Kyleakin before our departure time- I think the overcast skies suited the day- a bit of melancholy knowing the trip was coming to an end.


This is Caisteal Maol a ruined castle- it’s also known as Dunakin Castle.

You can see Skye Bridge in the distance- there’s a bit of controversy over it’s construction which can be read at the link.

This coo was a treat for a very tired Deb and Kayla. We made quick friends.

This is Saucy Mary’s Lodge

Our first stop that morning was Eilean Donan Castle.

She’s a beaut!

Sexy ladies in front of the castle- Deborah, Shae, Kerstin, Deb, Emma and yours truly-

Next we learned about the Five Sisters of Kintail

I sadly not only missed our crossing of Skye Bridge but some bits and bobs of storytelling because I was committed to drawing our Clan McMarmalade front page for the ‘book of awesome’- which documents memories from our grand adventure. :( Pleased with my wee art project but could kick myself – for that and the hangover really- argh argggle

We went by Loch Garry

Then stopped for a hot beverage in Spean Bridge where I found this handsome fella-

Next up was the majestic (yes, majestic) Glen Coe.

This is where Chris told us about the Massacre of Glencoe :(

We stopped at The Green Welly Stop where I acquired this fish pie which made love to my taste buds for about 3o minutes. (Yes, it was that good.)

Then we met Hamish, Heather and Honey – clearly the most awesome coos of the Highland variety.

This is Deb’s moment of glory as she becomes BFFs with Honey.

Our final :( stop was the Wallace Monument in Stirling.

View from the top-

None of us really wanted to separate when we were dropped off at the Haggis office- these lovely, lovely people felt like family now. A few had to leave due to previous travel arrangements etc- but 12 of us made plans for dinner to milk those last few moments.

Deborah, Deb and I went and had a tasty hot chocolate and then we went for Chinese buffet nummers.
Kerstin, Sophia, Scott, Casey and moi-

Emma took these lovely photos ;) – the sauciest of the faces

And then we parted ways. :(

And I went and drank beer with Mr. Kissyface, the lovely Eddie Ross and the lovely Mary.

/Haggis Adventure
Enter- Edinburgh Pt. 2



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