Scotland Adventure Day 10- Loch Seaforth, Luckentyre Beach, Tarbert, Uig, Isle of Skye, Quiraing, Kilt Rock, Mealt Falls, Old Man of Storr, Bride’s Veil Waterfall, Portree, Sligachan Bridge, Cuillin Mountains, Kyleakin, Saucy Mary’s Lodge

This was the last full day for the Haggis Adventure portion *sob*.

First, it’s very important that I show you how fabulous this tub is. Lookit- FABULOUS. Classy hostel? Oxymoron? It was ensuite too-

This morning was incredible- there were barely any clouds in the sky, the water was so still… The combination of the previous day and this one kinda blow my mind.

Emma braiding Deb’s hair on the bus-

I kept trying to take photos from the bus as we drove along of the mountains and sky reflecting in the water… I eventually gave up to just soak it in… just stunning.

This is Loch Seaforth– Boundary between Lewis and Harris.

:O am I right?

This one actually didn’t turn out too bad considering it was taken from the bus.

Next was the most unexpected and incredible surprise when we ended up at Luckentyre Beach… I thought yeah, beach, Scotland, okay. But this place…

I hadn’t even reached the water and I think my jaw was dragging along the sand…


Me, Deb and Emma

Then we had a quick jaunt in Tarbert before hopping aboard the ferry on our way to Uig on the Isle of Skye.

Cars waiting to board…

The cute coo magnet that Deb bought.

Emma, Deb and Kerstin

Sophia and Siobhan

The water was such an awesome shade of blue-

Chris had told us that the view as we looked back on the island heading out to Skye was stunning- he was correct.

Cloud shadows…

Isle of Skye!

Coming in to Uig.

Our first stop on Skye was to check out Quiraing.

A landslip that makes for one heck of a view :O

Chris told us a pretty awesome story about giants leading up to this guy- Kilt Rock.

And here’s a tacky photo of me puking out Mealt Falls.

Which lead to me squishing Deb’s head.

Then we had a jaunt (read: slight hike) up to The Storr to hear the story of the Old Man of Storr.

View from the top :D

Now somewhere up that hill I realized that it was just us Canadians trudging along behind Chris… and in my mind it was like the Olympics. I needed to win this bitch for Canada. (Competitive much?) And thus a photo of Team Canada as we made it to the top first. This is also how I earned my only Scotland Point of the entire trip. I have yet to find out what I can cash that bitch in for…

Massive t-shirt envy resulted in me trying to sneak a photo of Chris’ ‘Deep Scottish Love’ t- but then I felt like a creep so he Zoolander’d it for me.


This is the Bride’s Veil Waterfall- We were told to climb to the top of this sucker- fill our mouths with water and then climb back down- walk up this hill/mound scenario and then swallow the water while making a wish to the faery king. I have to tell you, all faery related things on this trip made me aggressively happy. I forgot to mention there were several gates that needed some kisses to be exchanged before we could enter as well.

At the top-

Grabbin’ my drink

View from the bottom of where the wishes were made- Fantastic!

Then we went to Portree where I acquired this Cranachan flavoured ice cream- as well as green apple heh

I’d love to come back here for a saunter. Looked lovely-

Then we drove out to Sligachan Bridge for another story- this area is close to the Cuillin mountains.

By the bridge…

Now through this story we were told that those who dip their faces into this water for 7 seconds will turn quite beautiful. So we all gave it a go- reeefreshing!

Then we drove to Kyleakin to settle in for a final night at Saucy Mary’s Lodge.

We juuuust missed sunset…

Deb and I had the brilliant idea of dressing up some gingerbread men for our fearless vagitarian leader. I took extra care on the anatomy of these ladies and we included a Chris fella-

Something tells me he was hip to their jive *wink*

Lovely ladies eatin’ dinnah- Deb, Deborah, Shae, Emma and Els.

I got pretty sauced and ensured that I didn’t leave Scotland without having a Rusty Nail- fucking brilliant evening.

Good conversation, lots of silly sauce. No regrets.




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