Scotland Adventure Day 9- Stornoway, Lews Castle, Callanish Standing Stones, Dun Carloway Broch, Garenin Blackhouse Village, Norse Mill & Kiln, Bragar Whalebone Arch, Butt of Lewis, Port of Ness, Clach an Trushal

We had a bit of time in the morning so Deb and I took advantage by havin’ a saunter around Stornoway. Really, really, liked this harbour area.

Impressive tall ship-

Quite pleased that the Australian and Canadian flag were side by side as an Australian and Canadian walked below them :D

A view of Lews Castle from afar- built from 1847-57.

We lucked out by starting our walk just as the sun started to shine- previously it had been chucking it down.

There were so many lovely houses with iron gates-

I’m gonna take a moment to state that this day blew my mind. The day as a whole was beyond my expectations and touched my innards. Yes. Touched my innards. I feel so bloody lucky to have seen the following things-
The Callanish Standing Stones – which if you were wondering were even MORE stunning than the ones on Orkney- which I didn’t think could be possible. Pfft Stonehenge.

Construction began between 2900-2600 B.C. – Beeeee Seeeee.


This photo amuses me as Chris looks like a stone-lovin’ hippie. But you can see most of the stones…

Tomb in the center-


Necessary photo of the big yellow bus-

This is the Dun Carloway Broch which dates back to the 1st Century B.C.

Inside- the entrances were tiny but surely would have protected from the wind.

Climbing the walls…

Next up was Garenin Blackhouse Village. You can learn more about it here– most houses on Lewis until the 1850s were built in a similar design to these ones.

We had a short presentation discussing the types of people who lived in these villages and the close knit community that existed and their traditions / way of life. She also talked a bit about the Highland clearances which we’d of course touched upon with Gill at Culloden.

We also had a demonstration on how they make tweed. This machine looks so bloody complicated…

Apparently there’s a hostel in the village… may have to come back for a visit…

Then we stopped at the Norse Mill & Kiln.


Trough for water…

I really wanted to see a whale or dolphins during our treks across the mainland to the islands- but this is as close as I got- The Bragar Whalebone Arch. You can read the story about this archway here.

Now this, this is the Butt of Lewis which is the most Northerly point of the Isle of Lewis.

I think this was my favorite thing. My absolute favorite place that we visited. These photos and the few videos that I took do not demonstrate what it was like to be up on those cliffs with the crazy wind and the waves crashing against the rocks. Un-fucking-believable.

I had a serious moment out there… at risk of sounding like a nerd- that place changed my life. (hippie, hippie, hippie)

Now for a bit of humour- Here I am just blending in. Showin’ the bus some sweet love as we stopped in Port of Ness for a quick beverage and “jobby”.

This photo captures a personal favorite. Greg exited the bus to give this sheep farmer “a hand”. Greg being the charismatic fellow that he is would make friends with all the people- and I mean that. ALL of the people. So when Chris decided to drive off without him for a quick joke, it literally took the man two seconds to get a local to stop and drive after the bus. Shenanigans.

Then we went to see Clach an Trushal the “stone of compassion”- which is the tallest standing stone in Scotland. This sucker is 5.8 metres tall.

When we got back to Stornoway we went to get a closer look at Lews Castle- which could have done without the modern car parked in front…

Trail on the way back down-

Such a lovely place-

That night we did a bit of a pot luck with lots of vino- pizza, lasagna etc and played cards until late. Started to realize too that it would soon be over. Boooooo.

Deb and I garlic breadin’



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