Scotland Adventure Day 8- Trees for Life Dundreggan, Invermoriston, River Moriston Falls, Beauly, Bealy Priory, Rogie Falls, Glascarnoch Dam, Corrieshalloch Gorge, Ullapool, Stornoway

I was super stoked as we were supposed to plant a tree this morning as Haggis Adventures has a partnership with Trees for Life- Dundreggan but sadly the area was too bogged down so we weren’t able to :(. But we did still go on a walk that lead to a waterfall on the Allt a Choire Bhuidhe burn.

Photos really don’t do this justice…

Waterfall :D

These are some of the “wild” boar that help out the restoration process.

These are the two trees that will be planted once the ground is a bit drier.

Afterwards we went to Invermoriston to check out the Thomas Telford bridge that crosses the River Moriston falls.

And yes, everything in this country looks like a bloody postcard…

I asked everyone to get sexy for this photo so there are a select few makin’ some Zoolander faces.
Back row- Mike, Kerstin, Greg, Shae, Anita, Deb, Emma, Me, Adrian, Siobhan, Scott
Front row- Deborah, Lucy, Casey, Sophia, Els

Then we went to visit the summer house by the falls- where according to Chris this may have been used to woo the ladies. Zing!

I was woo’d.

We stopped at the tacky Loch Ness shop again in order to get some grub and of course do the Nessie Haka again. (Joy of joys!)
I also noticed this here forecasting stone…

Necessary Narcissism

Our next stop was Beauly (Beau Lieu) a rightfully named little town which was a sweet stop for a quick saunter.

I wanted to eat all of the things at this place- but settled on the quiche. I think I’m still having some regrets on that strawberry cheesecake though…

This is the Beauly Priory. It’s hard to pull together the full history on this building but it was established in 1230- what remains is quite interesting. There are signs that indicated where the choir loft etc would have been…

This is Rogie Falls part of Black Water.

Deb and Kerstin were all about the suspension bridge.

Sophia decided to “clean” her feet in this puddle. You do what you can with what you’re given.

We stopped at the Glascarnoch Dam where we encountered the tiniest frog I’ve ever seen. It must have been the size of a 5p coin.

Then my mind got completely blown by the Corrieshalloch Gorge. This sucker was easily one of the most incredible things that I saw during my trip.

I watched Chris and Greg pick up some rocks along the way to the gorge and followed suit- later they peered over the edge of the suspension bridge and dropped them down… but photos etc really can’t do justice to the drop… this place was unreal.

Next we sauntered around Ullapool before hoping onto a ferry to take us to Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis.

I wish I could have got a bit more time to hang out in this shop/cafe combo…

Makes me long a bit for small town life…

On our way to Lewis…

More soon!



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