Scotland Adventure Day 7- Fort Augustus, Loch Ness, Morag’s Lodge

We were expecting to have really bad weather this day due to remnants of a hurricane but we lucked out and it was just a drizzly rainy day. This was our planned ‘free day’ in Fort Augustus so all rainy wandering was optional.

Deb and I decided to take a jaunt around town-

Queen Victoria- apparently to mark her passage through the locks

The locks…

We of course went in search of cows- specifically Hairy Coos in here-

Remnants of a bridge perhaps?

These chickens had feather socks.

This rooster looked majestic from afar but he was being a jerk and staying inside.

Hairy Coos!!

Ducks in a row, literally.

This dude is serious business. Something about goat eyes though… make me uncomfortable.


This pig is clearly livin’ the life.

After our animal adventure we sauntered back to the locks

Deb convinced me that I needed to go on the Loch Ness Cruise to search for Nessie after we had some hot beverages. ‘Twas a good idea indeed.

Checking for zee monster in the deep-

Our guide Ricky who has seen Nessie 10 times. Really hip dude.


Loads of fish. I don’t think I’d ever want to swim in Loch Ness… it has some ferocious trout.

That evening at Morag’s Lodge we dined on haggis stuffed chicken with whiskey sauce. Divine.

Here’s a few photos around the Lodge. It is the best hostel. THE BEST.

Cozy nooks…

Quite liked this Red Kite Ale

I decided to have a bit of a dance… a bit of a toe tappy – Me with Deb and Emma.

Me and my wife Deb

Adrian and I

My sexy ‘I had a few drinks’ face.

On this night they also had some live tunes and traditional dancing- I wore my tartan toga proudly and did all the dancing. All of it. I would love to go back here for a few days.

I should also note here that I saw two people dancin’ all up on each other this evening- on a ‘this is making me uncomfy’ level at about a 28. Gross dudes. Gross.



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