Scotland Adventure- Day 1- Edinburgh

I’m just about to start an adventure right now through Scotland (hence the actual updating in preparation for this)- so I’ve decided to try and keep a daily photo blog for each day. Tomorrow I embark on this and I’m quite excited. Hopefully I will be able to- but we’ll see how this goes considering things like wifi connections and such… heh

Here’s just a few photos to start us off – Edinburrrrgh
Ceiling at Waverley

The kitchen at Argyle Backpackers.

Entrance to Greyfriars Kirkyard

It is definitely fall already in Scotland. The leaves are mighty pretty.

Little nooks…

So flat- so tall…

I love this square, I remember coming across it in 2010.

“Blessed be the simple life, without it dread”

Sculptures for sale to raise funds all over the city. This one is my favorite.

Rain coaty coat coat- acquired yesterday and already put to good use.

More sculptures…

We meet again castle.

Couldn’t help myself- back at the Elephant House getting a “Fleur Fantasy” (hot chocolate + Bailey’s)

OooOOO pretty trinkets

And this is the funky staircase in the hostel.

More tomorrow?



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One Response to “Scotland Adventure- Day 1- Edinburgh”

  1. Arthur Says:

    dude Elephant house!!!

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