Portmeirion – Port of Merry

I had been working most Saturdays since June so when a day off finally cropped up on August 6th Adam and I decided to rent a car and head to Portmeirion in Wales.

This village is familiar to any fans of the tv show “The Prisoner”- I was moreso intrigued by the promise of it looking like an Italian village on the seaside of Wales where I’d never adventured to before.

The day didn’t start off too well weather-wise but we lucked out with sunny skies once we reached our destination.

Adam driving-

Loads of mountain views from the car…

Some of the roads we drove down were so narrow I don’t know how they could be considered legal- twists and turns, no street lights!


Postcard-type scenery no?

Once we arrived at Portmeirion there were loads of flowers lining the road-

This is the Gate House where Brian Epstein stayed in the 60s.

It is the prettiest.

See the prettiest.

I want to live in a little village that makes use of this colour scheme. I would also like to go here on vacation for a week or two some day.

‘The Prisoner’ shop to the left

View from the top

Many jam jars- we acquired grapefruit marmalade and old man whiskey jam

I would like to swim in that pool.


The trails have some of the most fantastic trees I’ve ever seen.

The Japanese Bridge…

Many gazebos

This tree was intense. So bloody huge.

View from the very top

I decided to end the day with a scone at one of the cafes.

It was delicious.


We tried to eat at the castle but it was full.

Instead we had a delightful meal in Henllan at the Llindir Inn if I remember correctly. The entire bar said good bye to us when we left. That there is hospitality.



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