Birmingham- Brrr, MING, Ham … Brrmingum

I went to Birmingham in July due to the Birmingham Zine Fest and had a bit of a wander.

I was supposed to exhibit at the show but due to a pile of different reasons I couldn’t- but I thought it best to go anyway to explore the city and see some friends.

The Bull Ring- (ie. a mall- no real bulls involved)

This guy is the bee’s knees. We’re gonna be best friends…

Here’s a few photos from the Zine Fair:

Adam and Marc’s tables-

Adam signing his name badge-

Me narrowing in…

Close up-

And then I began exploring- Old train station…

I think it’s pretty safe to say that Birmingham has some pretty hip architecture. I hadn’t expected to enjoy the city as much as I did.

Court house- easily my favorite-

Love these old red buildings…


I love arcades like this already- but this one gets extra points for the colourful bunting along with the sheer number of sweet shops and cafes inside.

St. Philip’s Cathedral- found it really strange that on this sunny day there were loads of people having picnics by the graves that surround this place. I guess when you want to sit on the grass you take what you can get.

The stained glass windows in here were pretty impressive.

Definitely not Canada…

The Council House- which I think is majestic. Maaaajestic.

It’s attached to the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery-

Central Library…

Inside the art gallery-

I found this one group of plates to be kinda Kate Beaton-esque.


This triptych was really interesting up close. The colours are so rich.

After an afternoon of wandering I decided to have a bit of a break by having my first tall soy chai tea latte from Starbucks since I stopped working there. I have to say… it was kinda amazing. DAMN YOU STARBUCKS!!

Chai tea + Nylon magazine = self indulgent

Streets like this that turn, for some reason make me unreasonably happy. There’s a couple in Edinburgh that I’ve drooled over before.

Mmm church

Old and new architecture collide

Markets- I didn’t have enough time to sincerely explore but looked like a load of tasty produce and some neat crafty wares.

Howard and Joe at the Zine Fest after party- there were some of the craziest films on a screen throughout the tunes playing-

Those videos allowed me to discover the following:

Dance scene from Hellzapoppin’ …

The next day Adam and I discovered some neat graffiti.

We met up with comic folk for a tasty crepe breakfast and then Adam and I went off to discover the Jewelry Quarter which literally is a load of jewelry stores operating right next to each other for many-a-block.
This is a lovely clock along the way-

Also discovered this guy as the entrance to a cemetery. Sadly didn’t have too much time to explore as suitcases didn’t really allow for it.

Birmingham has canals like Manchester- just neat to see what different cities offer around those areas. They seemed to have thrown in all the typical food places- Slug & Lettuce etc- it would be nice to see more independent businesses. Still really pretty though.

I enjoy these gold men.


And there we have it- my massive wander around Birmingham. Much prettier than I expected. Thouroughly enjoyed the art gallery / museum combo. Lots of cafes and tea shops that I need to explore and a high street with trees! I support that.



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    very cool!!

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