Royal Wedding + LEGO Show


More rambles from me today- I know you’re delighted.

Some of you may know I love any excuse to have a themed party- I was supposed to spend the Royal Wedding in fancy dress attending a party in Birmingham but when that fell through I decided to visit my local Sainsbury and make it happen at home!

First, when preparing for a Royal Wedding you need some cucumber sandwiches. The old school way is to just butter the bread and then slap on some peeled cucumber. I decided to break with tradition and go for the more delicious cream cheese, mayo-ey, dill option.

I also soaked my cucumbers in a cider vinegar and water combo-

Here’s our Battenberg and Victoria Sponge cake nom nom

And of course for breakfast we had some scones with jam and cream – nice and toasty out of the oven.

Now here’s where some of you will think I went wrong by not cutting off the crusts of the bread- but I didn’t want to waste… I really don’t mind crusts… shhh

And then I planted myself in front of the TV for hours of celebration ;)

And again, yes I know- drinking champagne from wine glasses- a faux pas- but I don’t drink enough champagne to warrant buying champagne flutes

The happy couple-

After the wedding Adam and I went out to join friends celebrating around Manchester- it’s about that time when I noticed my unintentional British patriotism.

This is just a photo of the jerk cloud that came out in the evening and made everything super cold. eeep!

Street party in the Norther Quarter- we didn’t attend really… we came pretty late so people just seemed to be sitting on picnic tables drinking… meh

And that was my Royal Wedding experience.

The following day was also exciting as Adam had bought tickets to the Lego show at the Museum of Science and Industry.

Here’s some of my favorites:


Taj Mahal

Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty

Quidditch Pitch :D

Quidditch Pitch + The Owlery

Yellow Submarine

Mr. Men and Little Miss book characters

Westminster Abbey – easily the most impressive

Lookit that detail!

LEGO art

Looney Tunes

LEGO Portmerion

Also impressive St. Pancras

Diagon Alley from the ol’ Harry Potter

It’s hard to see but they have Hagrid putting in the password on the bricks at the back of the Leaky Cauldron

Spacey neatness

I think this was easily my favourite- but photos really don’t do it justice. This girl had bought all of the mini-figures from all four series and then made them each a little compartment that reflected the character. So the skateboarder has a ramp and the mad scientist is in a lab. It was STELLAR.

Afterwards Adam and I went to The Alchemist and had a bite to eat- we’d run in here before just to say hello to friends but it was nice to actually sit down and see what it was like.

I had a Cranberry and Camembert sandwich and it was indeed delicious.

On the way home we noticed that some of the geese by the canal’s chicks had hatched. SO CUTE.

A good weekend- I must say ;)



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