Exploring West Didsbury & Withington

On yet another one of my “long walks” I ended up this time in West Didsbury and hanging out in Withington- both are places that I will definitely return to very soon. I think I found some hot spots.

On the way there I stopped by this gate. If I remember correctly it’s right across the street from Platt Fields Park… if I remember incorrectly it’s right across the street from Whitworth Park ;)

I just wanna walk through there… hnnnggh

I think West Didsbury was one of my most anticipated places to visit as I’d heard about And The Dish Ran Away with the Spoon from quite a few people that knew I was a bit of a cafe junkie- but what I didn’t expect was that the streets would remind me of Toronto so much. Maybe I’m crazy… but dude…Toronto-ey right?

But then of course there’d be houses like this that’d remind what island I’m on…

This is the side of some Italian restaurant… I must return and feast there

Finding this sucker was thrilling. I knew before I’d even stepped in the doorway that I was gonna love it!

(And I did) Red Velvet cake nom nom!

The teal tables and plates win!

Again… Toronto-ey? Right? riiiiiggghht?

Not Toronto-ey….

Discovered this little pathway on the walk back to Withington to meet Adam for food at Fuel. Loverly.

Fuel is a veggie food eatery that serves halloumi fish and chips. SO GOOD. I think this will turn into my staple Manchester meal… potentially. As the avocado chicken and brie sandwich at Insomnia is my staple Toronto meal.



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