A bit of wanderin’ in Liverpool

It was Adam’s friend Katy’s Birthday on April 15th so we went down to Liverpool that weekend for a night out on the town to celebrate.

We got there a bit early so we could have a little wander…

(This was my outfit- I took a photo for one of my outfit lovin’ friends)

This is St. Georges Hall

And lookit that- it welcomed me with a Canadian flag ;)

I’m pretty sure this is Prince Albert-

And this- is a very inappropriate photo that I took because I have no manners.

Mmm lines of trees

And that- is Queen Victoria-

I believe this is the Walker Art Gallery, sadly closed by the time we got there :(

County Session House- I would love to explore in there… eee

St. John’s Gardens-

And this is an impromptu Adam Cadwell photo shoot where I try to capture him in his natural state.

His natural state clearly involves kissing.

I can’t seem to stay away from Mathew St…

Or Adam’s face…

Oh Ringo *sigh* you are the best.

We started the evening off by going to see Katy’s boyfriend Duncan play a set – he reminds me of Say Anything quite a bit…

And then we went to about 5 or 6 different places trying to find some good tunes to dance to which was surprisingly tricky.
This is the back of the bar at Bunker I believe.

It was a pretty hip time- I’d never been out and about late at night in Liverpool before so it was neat- lesson learned though, I shouldn’t sip on beers from about 7 o’clock until 3am. I get silly really quick and then get sleepy and meh afterwards. Debbie can we say Downer?

Anyhoo- this is a lovely little gateway on the way to the train station…



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