Exploring The University of Manchester

My favourite thumbs upping, intellectual, travelin’ friend in Manchester Scott received his degree from the University of Manchester and is returning in the fall to capture his Masters- which prompted me to bother him about giving me a tour. Since Scott studied Theology the two of us are like two over-thinking peas in a very complicated pod as I studied Philosophy. Thus he understands my enthusiasm towards academia and my absolute love of school- which yes, does include their campuses.

I feel like we barely scraped the surface here- we explored the library and the wonders of their on-campus veggie food- but we have plans to return and find some new treats when he’s done galavanting in Thailand… jerk.

Had I studied Philosophy here it’s likely I would have walked through this building almost every day. :O

Scott was telling me how when he graduated it felt slightly “Hogwarts-ish” due to the setting- and then we decided to be cheeky and see if we could saunter into that same room where he was granted his diploma-

Just incredible- This place had an aura. I kid not-

We decided to explore a bit further and found this cafe- in the years that Scott lived at this school he’d never come across this place. We will be returning to try a particular sandwich on their list that includes pine nuts and avocado. Ohhh my!

*swwwoooooon* I could live in this place.

Needless to say- we will be going back again soon. I highly recommend any and everyone to explore any University campus they have close by- they are full of treasures!



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