Exploring South Manchester- Museums and Parks…

I’ve been getting a bit antsy in Manchester because for some reason or another I haven’t reached that point where it feels like home. I keep asking Adam for directions or feeling lost in general so I’ve started to go on long walks in an attempt to get a little more familiar with the city and what it has to offer.

The first of these ‘long walks’ happened on the sunniest weekend we’ve had so far and it took me south.

And my first stop was the Manchester Museum.

For some reason it doesn’t feel quite like a museum until you take photos of some bones…

Memories of my first year Astronomy class ahhh memories-

Hoooray for dinosaurs!

Then I went into Holy Name-

Followed by the Whitworth Art Gallery-

Then I had a saunter through Whitworth Park- I love tree lined paths

Then I wandered through Rusholme also known as The Curry Mile – Feel like I have to go back there on an empty stomach. There’s quite a few sweet shops that line the street too-

Afterwards I was off to Platt Fields Park stopping in at the Gallery of Costume on the way- it’s not too too impressive- I probably liked their button collection best-

Platt Fields Park-

This is just outside of Platt Chapel- little bit creepy when I was wandering around here- felt like I was trespassing.

Shakespeare Gardens

Cathedral Arch-

I walked up to the fork in the road that leads to either East or West Didsbury and then I started to walk back-
Hooray to a bit of discovery

The next day Adam and I went for a walk and ended up in the basement of Selfridges and found loads of food that I’ve been missing! Real pancakes and Betty Crocker-

Kraft Dinner, Quaker Oatmeal and JELL-O

We brought home some vanilla milkshake Pop-Tarts ;)



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