Kate Nash @ The Stanley Theatre – Liverpool, UK

On April 5th I went to see Kate Nash in concert- I’d missed her tour in the fall so I had to make the hour trek to Liverpool. I’d only seen her once before at Glastonbury so seeing her in a much more intimate venue was a definite bonus.

There are only two things that I will complain about 1) The sound seemed incredibly loud- my right ear rang for about 6 days. Not good- and I was wearing earplugs :( 2) She passed out a zine that she’d made at the end of the show and I didn’t get one *sob sob sob*

The set list:
I Just Love You More
Kiss That Grrrl
Take Me To A Higher Plane
Don’t You Want To Share The Guilt?
Later On
I’ve Got A Secret
Mansion Song
Model Behaviour
Merry Happy

Pumpkin Soup

It was a really good show – I was a little shocked at how young some of the kids in the audience were, but meh- what can I say.

I was also stood next to a guy in a wheelchair who was placed front row against the guard rail. This struck me as really odd- You would assume that he’d be on the other side of the rail next to the stage… not in amongst the crowd-
When people would push and shove I don’t think they were expecting to get thrown into him. Bit of a bad call by the venue there.

Anyhoo- the opening act Brigitte Aphrodite was pretty impressive so I would suggest you check her out. Really hip lady.

Now that’s a rock pose!

I found it really hard to get some decent photos of Kate as there was loads of fog on stage…

I took two videos- this first one is Mansion Song- so warning here about some flashing lights and liberal use of the ‘f’ word. She does this one mostly in the dark so there isn’t too much to see. Yadda, yadda…

And this is the vast majority of Foundations

On the way home I was thrilled by this Liverpool University building that changes colours. How neat!!

There we have it- a good night. :D



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