Exploring East Didsbury- Fletcher Moss Park and Gardens

All through April the weather has been pretty spectacular in Manchester so I started having a few adventures to places just outside of the city center.

The first adventure lead to East Didsbury where Adam and I had a bit of a walk and ended up at a cafe doing some work.

The best bit of course was visiting the Marie Louise Gardens. Highly recommended. I need to go back ’cause apparently the cafe that they have there has some delicious cakes :D

There’s also loads of memorial benches all around this area- this one in particular is pretty neat- I told Adam that I want a bench when I die. But it’s gotta be in a hip place.

I think these flowers are neat- the colour almost looks pixelated…



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2 Responses to “Exploring East Didsbury- Fletcher Moss Park and Gardens”

  1. Ann Knowles Says:

    Your pictures etc are lovely, but you are referring to Fletcher Moss Park and Gardens, not Marie Louise Gardens, which is other side of Didsbury, between Holme Road and Palatine Road!! Both places are life-long favourites of mine.

  2. Kayla Hillier Says:

    No way I had no idea! I’ve corrected it- this only means I’ll have to find the actual Marie Louise Gardens and have a saunter.
    Thank you!

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