What I’ve been up to in 2011- February

Here we are- February re-cap- the last of my catchin’ up.

I’ve been trying to go to the market more often to buy meat and produce- The Bowland folk are really nice and gave us some recipe suggestions

For Valentine’s Day Adam and I kinda failed- he got me some Kinder Happy Hippos then we were going to go to IKEA- but failed- (because IKEA is where romance happens) Then we decided to go to the Marble Arch where I easily ate the tastiest meal of all the meals in Britain in the summer- so we felt like it was a safe bet.

It’s such a neat little pub

I always try to take photos of Adam when he’s not making his weird camera face. There is a face that he honestly only makes when a camera is around. Tried and true. This is not that face.

This is my camera face.

The meal was deeeelicious nom nom nom

And so was dessert.

Adam said that it looked like I was falling backwards off the chair so I provided flailing arm movements

This is Adam’s best face.

We did end up going to IKEA later that week and found some left over romance. Iwasn’t kidding.

Later in the month we went to Adam’s friend Anna’s birthday in Liverpool. It was a really, really fun shin dig- just a load of people listening to some tunes, drinking some wine, dressed as famous musicians who died at 27-
Any trip to Liverpool sends me into a photo frenzy though- duck pond!

Yay architecture!

And on Adam’s suggestion I FINALLY got to venture into the cathedral :D



And this is just one of the chapels inside. :O


The we went to this church that was damaged by bombs during the Blitz.

Next time I plan on adventuring to the museums! :D

At the end of the month those same lovely Liverpool folk came down to play a gig at Night and Day. Anna’s sister Katy is in this band. The Ratty Little Fingers. You should check them out. They are absolutely lovely.

Also playing were Or, the Whale– from San Fransisco. The lead singer Alex’s wife Melanie also introduced me to BettyDoes.com a fantastic site givin’ props to loads of ladies doing some incredible creative things!

Annnd that was February!



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One Response to “What I’ve been up to in 2011- February”

  1. Arthur Says:

    OMG. You’re outfit in those pics is EPIC

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