What I’ve been up to in 2011- January

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I’m sad to report that the UK doesn’t do green beer. I just remembered this as I woke up this morning. :(

Anyhoo- so here’s my re-cap of January in photo form.

The first Sunday of 2011 Adam decided to do a drink’n’draw since we miss out on the one late December due to holidays.

It was Adam and I’s “anniversary” (I don’t like the sound of that- just like I don’t like calling Adam “my boyfriend”. Makes me feel like a teenage girl.) So to say ‘yay we’ve put up with each other’s shenanigans for a year’ Adam took me out to this neat place called Taps. It is what it sounds like- you get beer taps that you’ve selected at your own table. Vedett White- highly recommended.

It was a pretty hip evening. Here we are looking slightly strange. I particularly like Adam’s expression baha!

Mid month I went to London to hammer out details on my job with Blank Slate Books and on the way to Euston station I decided to stop by the Wellcome Museum for their High Society exhibit.

Due to my new employment I of course had to quit Starbucks. The job itself- I will never ever miss- but the people! These are some of the loveliest people! (These photos are from our Christmas shin dig)

Scottley and Rachel my Christmas loving companions :D

For a while walking back and forth from work this truck was planted here- such specific rescuing.

Finally at the end of the month I got to see Josie Long for her “Be Honourable” tour. This was a gig that Adam had got tickets for my birthday (October 1st). There was a lot of rescheduling but it was entirely worth it. A fantastic evening.



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2 Responses to “What I’ve been up to in 2011- January”

  1. Julia Says:

    Hey, that’s a picture of Nat! I work with him at Gosh! :)

  2. Kayla Hillier Says:

    He’s a really funny fella- I approve of all the funny

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