December re-cap continued…

I’ve been horrible- I keep neglecting updates and then I have a stash of about 100 photos that I’d like to post. So now we’re going all the way back to December.

You’ll be happy to know that I have about 4 posts ready to go for this week- then hopefully I’ll stay on track and post a little more regularly. Not to mention I’m hoping to update the website in general over the next month or so. *insert Clone High makeover song here*

Here we go-

I discovered early on that one of the restaurants below our building makes fancy -above standard- hot chocolate.

These are some photos of the last snowfall we had right around Christmas.

Necessary snow angel.

There’s this pub called “The Ox” close to the canal and it was rumoured to have some delicious food. So Adam and I decided to check it out. I was quite pleased to be seated right beside this cozy fire.

The menu-

We didn’t join them on New Years…

Dessert! nom nom nom

I was quite impressed with these icicles that I saw every morning on the way to work- of course someone kicked and broke ’em at some point :(

Winter Carnival- at Picadilly

Adam’s family got us way too many presents- I felt like a kid lookin’ at that pile

The turkey dinner that we whipped up on Christmas Day- ’twas delicious nom nom nom

Due to a pretty swift temperature change there was loads of mist over the canal- made for some neat photos-

Annnd of course the wishbone- I won and got to make the wish which did come true.

And there we have it- That was the rest of December in photos.



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