Chez Hillwell

This has been a long time coming- but finally a photo tour of the new apartment: “Chez Hillwell” (as coined by Anna Petterson).

The entrance area-

View from the hallway into the courtyard.

The hallways-

The ominous doorway-

Marc Ellerby originals to say hello-

Doorway action-

The room of the sleeping variety

The kitchen-


Where the laundry and camping stuff lives-

Living room-

Adam’s studio space


Large windows mmhmm


You’ve been toured!!! The end!



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7 Responses to “Chez Hillwell”

  1. AdC Says:

    Gorge. Ous.
    I wonder what it would look like if it weren’t furnished. ;p

  2. Kayla Hillier Says:

    The only thing it came with is the couch and the bed. The rest we bought

  3. Arthur Says:

    okay. okay. you guys can dress an apartment. What are you’re rates?

  4. Clarkle Says:

    It needs a tiny Clark asleep on the sofa to be truly complete, natch.

  5. alexfitch Says:

    That’s lovely! Am slightly jealous, but have far too much stuff to live in a place that stylish!

  6. ryanmichaelmills Says:

    beautiful apartment Kayla. Looks very modern like a spaceman’s quarters.

  7. Kayla Hillier Says:

    It is one fifth space man. I asked it’s uncle.

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