Christmas is coming!

Leading up to winter I started to get a little nervous about how things were going to go in England.

I moved to London on December 28th of last year so surely I should’ve  had some kind of idea on how much snow to expect- there should be no concerns.

But I kept having conversations that went like this:

“Oh god last year we had SO MUCH SNOW! It was crazy!””

Me- “How much!?”

“Like a couple feet!”

These conversations got me a little bummed out. Winter is the best you see, and mounds of snow make it better. God I love winter.

But lucky for me it did snow- in November no less, and just recently we got more. Unless we get a crazy heat wave I’m lookin’ at a White Christmas.

Sadly this year will be my first away from my family. I know that at 26 being able to say that is very lucky- but I’m pretty bummed out. Adam’s awesome and his family is too… but- Christmas has the whole tradition element. Exchanging gifts with your sister before Christmas mass and staying up until the wee hours of the morning eating cheese and crackers with Bob and Judy while telling silly stories and prodding dad to wake up so you can open presents when mum gets home from midnight mass- type traditions. Christmas will surely be wonderful and different this year… but I can’t help but mourn a little for the Christmas that I’ve always had, the one that I long to have, want to have, with my family.


My parents saw this coming so they gave me some Santa funds so I wouldn’t wake up with an empty stocking. With this, I purchased my very first digital camera.

And the first photo was this one:

Followed by this one the following day, necessary narcissism.

Then I took one of Adam through the bookcase.

Manchester is a very interesting city- I wish I had a little more time to do some research actually- it was the first industrial city. There’s a bunch of tunnels underneath different areas and they do tours every so often and tell you some of the history behind them. Recently they opened a new section underneath St. Anne’s Square so Adam got us some tickets.

Here he is waiting outside-

On our way down with the tour guide-


If I were cooler- here I would tell you loads of stories that we heard and you’d potentially ooo and aaahh- but I feel like I’d get the dates wrong- and the names for that matter.  It just really wouldn’t be as cool. But it did involve dead opera singers and broken hearts.

Afterwards, we decided to have our first bratwurst and mulled wine of the season at the Christmas markets before heading out for a drink with our friends and… ‘apartment building mates’ (though friends before) Rich and Cat.

I must tell you that Toronto is missing out by not having Christmas markets. This is something I’ve never experienced before- but I wish they had them everywhere! But more about that later-

Rich managed to hit his funny bone on the table- face of pain

And we all learned that Adam can’t make a fish face.

Just being dapper.

Then we went home and set up our Christmas tree and decorated it with Vimto coloured baubles.

Now Christmas Markets- all of these fantastic little wooden huts start to appear mid November all over the city center. People come from Italy, Germany, France and surely other places to sell their wares. AMAZING cheese! Sausages and salami! Pastries! It’s so delicious! Of course there’s people selling jewelry and whatnot too… but I’m in it for the food!

There were some really nice soaps from Marseilles and different flavours of mulled wines from Germany- or should I say gluhwein… sooo good!

These are the markets at night time-

This is just the Beetham Tower which I pass on my walk home every night-

And the canal…

I finally had a full day off so Adam and I decided to walk through the Christmas markets for most of the day- enjoying things like this dessert cannoli:

Nutcrackers are the best-

Silly winter hats must always be worn when found

Town Hall-

These are pork sandwiches with stuffing and apple sauce. OM NOM NOM

Bit of an inside joke here- but I may have been looking for Lester’s British relatives-

This moose sings Wham and other Christmas tunes.

And there we have it- Christmas in Manchester-



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3 Responses to “Christmas is coming!”

  1. beth maher Says:

    Wowwie! That looks amazing! If I ever get the chance to come visit you, I’m totally doing it at Christmas time.

    Also: I don’t know what it is about England that is making you so much prettier, but… Your skin! Gorgeous! So glowy! You totally have that English rose thing going on. I’m so jealous – especially since my skin is all dry and flaky and Canadian and itchy right now.

  2. Kayla Hillier Says:

    Awww *blush* thank you Beth! heh… Canadian winters are way way way harsher on the skin it’s true. So dry vs here- which although super damp and chilly cold- nicer on the ol’ skineroo.

    You are more than welcome to come visit any time! We will eat ourselves silly!

  3. AdC Says:

    Geez you two. Get a room.

    The markets and tunnels however. Look awesome!!

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