Anime North in Photos

For the past four years I’ve decided it’s a wise idea for me to work the Anime North weekend for the The Beguiling.

(Somehow I never managed to take any photos until this year.)

If you’re not familiar with Anime North- it’s a crazy, crazy experience- especially to work it. It’s not just the costumes and the heavy overflowing boxes of manga and other goodies- it’s three days of madness. A lot of these kids have saved their money all year just to come and buy stacks of books- it’s incredibly busy and very fast paced. I worked 16 hours on the Friday and then 12 on Saturday and Sunday but it all goes by so quickly. It all blends together, you don’t even realize how long you’ve been on your feet until Monday morning hits you in the face.

Here’s some photos of the manga section and our hard workers- the show as always was epic- the most rewarding part is when you can visibly see via empty boxes how much you’ve sold and how little you have to carry back to the store.

Then throughout the three days I tried my best to snap a few shots of some fantastic costumes:

These guys did a wrestling show scenario I just got so used to seeing way too much teen parts via their holy moly inappropriate costumes that it was a jolt to see man-ness.

I appreciated her puppet- it moved and everything!

Soul Calibur anyone? (Only the best game EVER)

I want this car real bad. REAL BAD. Small cars ftw!

I spotted this couple on the lawn as we were driving away on the final day and they made me swoon a bit. Not only is the dude wearing the cutest bear suit in life- but he’s actually havin’ a thumb war with his lady. ADORABLE!

Victory! Christopher and Jamie-

I was lucky enough to run into my friend Hilary from University at the after party who is now in the band The Skirt Chasers– who just happened to be playing that night.

It was a good time and as always it does take about a year to forget how exhausting it is etc. But if I were still in Toronto- I’d probably dive into this event again for 2011.



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2 Responses to “Anime North in Photos”

  1. ThomD Says:

    Hey, love the look of the site Kayla! Fantastic photos as always too!


  2. Kayla Hillier Says:

    Thanks dude! :D

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