24 hours with Mr. C M R J T M Madden

I spent a good 10 days with my folks when I got back from my trip and I think it did a lot of good. Sitting in Toronto I would have been pretty damn tense thinking about the 1001 things I need to do before May. The atmosphere at their place is a little more zen. See:

I returned to the … dare I say- “Big Smoke” on Wednesday evening in order to get my affairs in order for the arrival of a certain Christopher Madden the following day.

Madden is Adam’s old roommate and friend who currently lives in Edinburgh. When I was there for a few days in January we went out for drinks and food in the evenings and got on really well. So when he planned his three week trip to Canada and the airplane tickets got fudged- a visit to Toronto became a reality and I got to return his hospitality.

I should also direct you to a few things here. Chris does a podcast with his friend Chris Wakeman called Casta La Vista. It’s full of silly banter and film-y goodness. Check it out here. You can also get it via iTunes here.

Chris also has a YouTube channel found here. Where I personally found amusement with this video- not to mention it must have taken AGES!:

Ok, so onto his visit!

I picked him up at the airport around 3ish then we dropped his stuff off at my empty apartment and went to the Burger Bar in Kensington Market. Deeeeelicious!

I took him to Honest Ed’s where we managed to get lost because that’s just what you do in Honest Ed’s. We may have linked arms and ran to the exit once we found it.

Then we went out for drinks at Clinton’s with Chris and Andrew Butcher, Shane (who is a new friend yay!), Jim Zub and Nadine.
I got way too drunk, way too early, but that’s how I roll apparently.

We started makin’ peace signs in photos, I wish this photo came with sound, because I assure you, there is a sound effect that goes with this face:

It was really nice to see some lovely Toronto folks eee!

Madden has Tom Selleck on his case. You can make a lot of friends this way.

Here we are the next day- we finished our night with a hot dog (ohhh street meat, how I missed you!) and Oreo cheesecake from Futures. I think he may have been making this face because he didn’t want to leave Canada.

We spent the afternoon at the CN Tower- I’d only been up to the restaurant and not the touristy bit, it’s pretty neat!

Lovely view!

Pensive Christopher gazes into the distance.

Glass floor!

Glass floors are exciting!

Here’s where Chris pulls out a Rubik’s cube and tells me that he can do it in mere minutes! So I decide to take a video of the whole thing at the top of the Tower. Sadly… as always, my batteries ran out and he finished it 10 seconds later. But you can still have a peek at the video below:

In its completed state:

We finished our visit by going to The Keg for lunch/dinner… lunner. He was impressed with the steak knives. (Frightening)

I was impressed with my steak! Please note the pile of tomatoes is so epic because Chris pilled his on top of mine. They don’t cut an entire tomato and slop it onto your plate.

Dessert is delicious! After this treat we went to the airport so he could fly home.

I was quite pleased that this sign can be found at Pearson. Let’s hammer those Canadian-isms into place dammit!

I love airports.

*wipes sweat*

So there we go, the next day my movers came and I’ve been living in the rubble of that wreckage for the last two days. Don’t worry I’m grabbing photographic evidence!



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3 Responses to “24 hours with Mr. C M R J T M Madden”

  1. castalavista Says:

    As if I didn’t want to cry enough with having to come home – then you go and write this and it makes me go WAAAAAAAA!!!!!

  2. Kayla Hillier Says:

    Awww I’m sorry dude :( You just have to come back is all :D

  3. Galavant# 34 & 35 « Galavant Says:

    […] for more Madden you can head to this post from my […]

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