Manchester – London week 11

So my trip is definitely starting to wind down. As I write this I have less than a week left and it will be an EXTREMELY busy week at that. This afternoon I will be buying my third suitcase as I have managed to destroy two others. I have a ploy to make this one last though…. it must! I have to drag it to London tomorrow and then to Gatwick Sunday morning.

(Speaking of tomorrow- Tom acquired some Silver Mt. Zion tickets thus I will be enjoying their sweet sweet tunes tomorrow evening. eee!)

This past week has (again) been mostly attempts to get more stuff done (web design and such)- do a bit of sightseeing and the like.

I did try my hand at making cottage pie. I must say I was quite impressed with my first go-

I followed that up with Molten Lava Cakes- which sadly were made with milk chocolate as the Tesco had no other option (hence the light brown colour)- they were still pretty delicious om nom!

Tuesday was the night we saw some comedy and I took the photos from my previous post. But I forgot to mention that through our audience participation with a certain comedian Adam was hailed as “The Original Man”- tres haha.

Wednesday was St. Patrick’s Day- so Adam and I went out to a New Orleans themed restaurant (of course), watched a Swedish film and then finally found ourselves in an Irish pub.

I was pleased to see lovely flowers sprouting all over Manchester- spring has indeed sprung.

Adam needed to take some reference photos for a comic he’s working on for Solipsistic Pop 2– this bath house was particularly interesting with it’s separate entrances for each class. Females of course had one general entrance which was not half as decorative as those for the males.

Plumber’s Mate! :D

Friday night Adam and I went to London for the Phonogram party. (The second trade looks LOVELY!) On the way we managed to get lost and upon looking at the map I was positive I discovered the proper tube station- these photos demonstrate my happiness over my victory.

Adam was not pleased that we’d managed to make our way to Matt Sheret’s place instead.

At the Phonogram party. Kieron and Julia.

It looks like Sean Azzopardi hi-jacked my camera when I wasn’t lookin’ ;)

McKelvie shoes. The man has ridiculously large feet making walkin’ around in ’em 12 times the fun!

Went out for breakfast with Julia and Sarah on Saturday morning on the way I snapped a photo of Goldsmiths since I dig the rooftop sculpture.

One more week of photo recaps :O



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2 Responses to “Manchester – London week 11”

  1. ADC Says:

    dude, we are so cooking when you get back here.

  2. Kayla Hillier Says:

    me lovers zee cookings. I need to make more cottage pie stat!

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