Being Hideous

I’m kinda surprised I haven’t made more posts like this. Really this is for my own personal amusement.

Mr. Cadwell and I went to see some comedy last week on Tuesday. (XS Malarkey) Afterwards we were slightly tipsy and chalk full of silly sauce which resulted in the following photos.

This post is titled “being hideous” because Adam once asked me to “stop being hideous” when I was making some pretty epic faces in his general direction.


I think this may be what he was referring to when he said “hideous”. Tres sexy.

The bus was going around a corner… heh

Best for last really- it looks like Adam is gonna puke into my face. Geee-roooosssss

New real update soon soon



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2 Responses to “Being Hideous”

  1. ADC Says:


  2. Kayla Hillier Says:

    so cute right? Right? ;)

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