Manchester – York weeks 9 & 10


It’s been ages, I’ve been having some pretty intense problems with my internet connection so I haven’t been able to upload photos properly etc etc. This is also causing issues with the completion of my website reno but as you can see for the most part it is complete. *high five* what do you think? The store should be up soon *fingers crossed* followed by the webcomic which is still lacking a name. I’m on it… it will be named soon!

So the last few weeks have mostly been littered with my internet frustrations, some writing, drawing, a bit of travel and sight seeing. I’d give ya the play by play but how ’bout I just litter you with photos and commentary.

Europe really likes ferris wheels and merry-go-rounds. I have yet to ride either one… yet I keep takin’ photos of ’em…

At the end of each month there’s the Manchester Comix Collective Drink ‘N’ Draw which I attended in February. This is Joe List and John Allison creating their own versions of Adam Cadwell’s The Everyday webcomic. You can see the result here and here.

And this is Adam’s reaction:

I keep walking past this furniture store in Manchester and I needed to take a photo because it makes me drooooool- mmm epic wallpaper- mmm modern light fixtures mmmm

I enjoyed a tasty burrito while working on the website’s header- the chips were MASSIVE.


The first weekend in March Adam’s friend Richard turned the big 3-5 so we all went out for drinkage and dance-age.
At the first place there were buffalo dressed as village people:

This is Rick in zee buffalo bar to the right:

Last week Adam went to the BBC to teach kids about makin’ comics, I went on a bit of a jaunt around the city and of course ended up at Starbucks with a chai tea latte to do some writing.

I met Adam afterwards and we went for a walk along the canal as the sun was settin’- tres lovely.

Geese of the Canadian variety-

This be Castlefield

The Hilton-

On Tuesday, although the Oscars happened on Sunday- I was not able to witness ’em live- so Adam and I downloaded ’em then had a fancy party.

With fancy cheeses-

I also made my epic macaroni and cheese again and managed to take some photos. There is bacon and ham involved in this cheesy equation-

On Thursday we went to York which I was extremely stoked about because I heard it was one of the prettiest cities in England.

Roman wall- we walked along it. Learn a wee more here.

York Minster

Roman column

I have a love affair with book stores *sigh*

We went to The Jorvik Viking Centre where there are these epic animatronics that I forgot to take pictures of thus Adam helped me grab this photo of a postcard that has picture of the fancy suckers on it.

The gift shop where you can buy axes, and leather mugs and such.

Clifford’s Tower

York Castle

The Shambles- apparently it’s one of the prettiest streets in the entire country- I agree.

For dinner we went to Betty’s Tea Room which has a really neat history. Apparently Canadian soldiers really dug it there throughout WWII- they have mirrors by the toilets with a bunch of carved signatures on it from different regiments.

They also have a piano player-

I had a delicious oak smoked salmon rosti

-followed by delicious cream tea

Hopefully I’ll update again soon- Only two weeks left in this adventure.



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