London- Essex week 6

Yay, second update this week!

Comic drinks were good times- Got some time to chat and be thoroughly embarrassed by Kieron and McKelvie. Also got to meet Mikey Bennett (sp?) who is an awesome chap.

Mikey and Kieron …

Nevs, Julia and Rachel lovely people yes yes

On Friday morning Sarah noticed a rainbow in New Cross- tres lovely.

I went to acquire a suitcase later on that day and walked past the National Gallery- so nice to see some sun. You miss it after a while here.

On Saturday Adam, Lizz Lunney and I went to Marc and Anna’s for a house party.

Essex is LOVELY.

Marc and Anna’s party was also super LOVELY!

I think it was also well documented

Sweet dance moves!

This is after an enthralling performance of the 30 Rock theme by Marc and Adam – from this Ellerbism.

Party ’til sleepy

Tide goes out-

Epic English Breakfast on Sunday morning- picture perfect yes?

Adam was really pleased with his chocolate milk

There was this weird spongey plant by the water which was fun to bounce off of as demonstrated below.

Monday and Tuesday I worked me bum off getting my zine together for the printer with lots and lots and lots of help from Julia. Then Wednesday morning I got up and ran some errands before grabbing the train in the evening to head to Manchester.

I’m now living with Mr. Cadwell and his room mate Chris in Manchester- first day was pretty low key, went grocery shopping which is one of my favorite things to do in England. Cottage pie dinner while watching QI- Stephen Fry is the man.


more soon!


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